There's something sexy about not showing too much...

I once knew a girl

Friday, June 12, 2015
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I once knew a girl

Full of hope, full of joy

Refused to see a bad thing

Loved everything about life

She didn't think too much

Just went ahead and never stopped

She was fearless.

She inspired everyone around her

And exuded life

Promised never to grow up

If growing up meant losing spark

So where the hell is she?

How did I lose her along the way?

I can put her on as a mask for other people

'Cause I know that's what they want to see 

But I can't wear her as my face

It doesn't hold on for too long

She feels like a fading light sometimes

Am I becoming a more intricate version of myself

Or am I losing something important?

I feel like she's being crushed when I stand up

Is it meant to happen?

My friends seem to be having a good time

Losing spark without realising it

Does acceptance come with a reward?

Because I am totally lost,

I can't find my girl 

And I don't like the new me - I don't know her!

I don't want to be crushed

That's for the weak

Is that why it is so damn hard?

And maybe. Just maybe.

If we hold out for long enough,

We might stay standing...?