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London-­based artist Koukie is delighted to announce the release of her debut solo album, Songs From An Empty Stage. Fusing rock opera with gypsy, punk and cabaret into a fireball of sound hers is music for a new generation.

The debut release from London singer Koukie fuses sultry jazz vocals with an overriding sense of playfulness to create a theatrical but pleasing album. This innate joviality resonates throughout the album, particularly on the single Stop You With Love, Koukie's Song and the up-tempo finale, Free, in which she lauds cherries as "teardrops of heaven". One slight detraction is the lengthy intros to certain songs: for instance, I Forgive You and A Man In The Suit, although the latter's Bond-esque feel more than compensates. Fun, classy and delightfully conducted, Songs From An Empty Stage is, as Koukie says on Eclipse, "insanely divine".
/Ian Holt, Press Association/
  1. Gaby Roslin, BBC Radio London
    ''It's a musical waiting to happen!''
  2. Kreiszeitung /Germany/
    ''Fairytale charachter and whirlwind in one person. A firework of harmony!''
  3. Morten Harket, A-ha
    ''Very, very rich sound!''
  4. Ian Holt, Press Association
    ''Fun, classy and delightfully conducted, Songs From An Empty Stage is "insanely divine".''
  5. Laura Rawlings, BBC Radio Bristol
    ''There’s a whole world going on there. So many layers!''
  6. Bluesbunny Music Reviews
    ''Pure theatre, pure showtunes in a rock format, pure class.''
  7. Daniel Falconer, www.femalefirst.co.uk
    "A unique tone is present throughout and it's hard to draw a comparison to any other artist out there right now."
  8. Isaac Davis, Junior's Cave Magazine
    ''The music of Indie Performer, Koukie is decidedly different, decidedly fabulous, decidedly avant-garde!''
  9. Clown Magazine
    ''Koukie is just as theatrical as her striking look with purple long eyelashes, and her doll-like appearance.''
  10. Huey Morgan, BBC Radio2
    ''You have to imagine Dusty Springfield produced by David Arnold, and you got it!''
  11. Bluesbunny Music Reviews
    ''A star is born and, if I had a heart, I would willingly give it to Koukie.
  12. Daniel Falconer, www.femalefirst.co.uk
    ''Imitation is a great form of flattery but the ability to stand out on your own is something much more powerful indeed.''